Patti, Art and family are devastated by the loss of their beloved Friesian mare, shown here with her colt in happier times. She was lovely, a wonderful mother, and had an excellent gait.  There were nothing but good prospects ahead for her.


She perished from electrocution owing to a incorrectly installed heater in the horses' drinking trough that had just been put in.  It was a miracle that Patti and the colt were not also electrocuted, and by going ahead, she literally saved their lives.

Patti's friends share her grief and anxiety.  Every step is being taken to get to the bottom of the faulty electrical work to see that such an accident cannot reoccur. It is alarming to think that professionals can do such a poor job that the lives of our precious animals and even our own can be threatened.

Rieta...has slipped the surly bonds of soar forever more

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